Welcome to Survivors Worldwide
A text based game, taking place in an apocalypse.


This weekEdit

6 Weeks into the apocalypse.

Get startedEdit

To begin the game, please read the rules and the guides.

also, see a list of starting locations and survivor professions.

The StoryEdit

The year is 2016. A global pandemic has destroyed most of mandkind. Now, two months into the apocalypse, the virus has lowered and is only dangerous when you're exposed to bodies.
The last survivors now try to survive the virus. A promising safe-zone in Greenland is where everybody wants to go. How they get there is up the them, but they sure can't do it alone.

See the world of Survivors Worldwide on Google Maps here.

Top GroupsEdit


Staff Needed
To help run Survivors Worldwide, admins, game masters and chat mods are needed. You can run for a position here:

Live! Chat

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