Airport 4
Town Portland
Infection Rate raised by 4.

This is an airport located in Portland, Oregon.

Remember, you can only take 10 kg (default) of loot for every survivor.
If you take everything of something, please remove it from the list so only current loot is available.


Long DistanceEdit

To fly long distance, you need a pilot, along with a number of metal scrap to repair the planes. There is no restriction on capacity. You will land in the specific airport and start there in the new town.

There is only room for a specific amount of survivors on each trip. You will either have to leave somebody behind, or continue by the road.

A pilot is needed to fly.

Needed Room for
San Francisco 5x Metal Scrap 4 survivors
Phoenix 8x Metal Scrap 3 survivors
Las Vegas 8x Metal Scrap 3 survivors


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